Feeling present in VR relies on bringing the core characteristics of a person into a virtual space. Voice, head-movement, body movement, hands; these are all cues that we bring into virtual reality to make someone feel like they’re actually there. Our team at AltspaceVR is getting one step closer to true presence with the unveiling of our new motion-capture technique using IKinema’s breakthrough technology: IKinema Orion Open Beta and Vive Trackers.

How does it work?

IKinema Orion Open Beta infers the movement of your skeleton with only a couple points of data. By adding Vive trackers to your feet and adding one to the small of your back, IKinema Orion Open Beta can suss out where your elbow and knee joints are and create an accurate representation of your body—which comes in handy when doing your best Karate Kid or Goku impression.

Our team is experimenting with the technology now to bring our events to life. See the new trackers in action for our marquee events, starting with a performance by Broadway star, Lesli Margherita. At the moment, only our team members and marquee partners will be able to use the technology, but we hope to make it possible for users to join the fun soon.

Broadway in VR

You can see this tech in action by attending Lesli Margherita’s broadway performance in VR. Just in time for the Tony Awards, the West End Olivier Award winner and Broadway is stopping by AltspaceVR to perform some of her favorite show tunes and share clips from her starring roles in Matilda (Mrs. Wormwood), Zorro (Inez), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Esmeralda). And for all you Netflix fans — you can also catch her this fall on Seven Seconds, but see her in AltspaceVR first!

Keep an eye on the AltspaceVR events page to see up-and-coming events that incorporate this new motion capture technology.

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