On Thursday, April 27th, Comedy Living Room — a comedy show based in LA that got its start when Matt Lottman and Frank Chad Muniz hosted open-mic standup in their living room — performed a comedy set in the first-ever virtual house party, complete with a virtual living room to make them feel right at home. Matt and Frank were joined by a star-studded lineup:

  • Paul Scheer: Star of FX’s The League, regular on ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat
  • Drennon Davis: Seeso regular and one of LA Weekly’s Top 10 Comedians to Watch
  • Jay Larson: The Late Late Show performer and co-host of “Best Bars in America” by Esquire Network
  • Justin Martindale: Laugh Factory regular and co-creator of Funny or Die’s “Not Looking”
  • Daniel Van Kirk: Funny man and Upright Citizens Brigade regular
  • Paige Weldon: Stand up pro and co-founder of online comedy magazine The Higgs Weldon

This virtual house had all the elements of a classic house party, including a swimming pool, a grill with flippable hamburgers, frisbees, and pizza slices galore. Matt and Frank kicked off the night with genuine remarks of “It actually feels like a real house party. Even the girls in VR don’t talk to us… just like real life” and “It’s a real party, we’ve got pizza, we’ve got burgers… and all this VR food is cruelty free.”

One of the night’s highlights came when Paul Scheer showed up playing the part of a disgruntled neighbor, making the audience pledge an oath of good behavior. In unison the crowd repeated the phrase, “I swear I will not defile this house”.

Scheer proceeded to challenge an audience member to a burger flipping contest, who was from then on referred to as “burger boy”. Burger boy fielded requests and kept the paddies cooking for the rest of the night.

Keep an eye out for AltspaceVR Encores of this event. You’ll experience the show exactly as it happened—emojis and all—but without the ability to interact with performers like you would at a live event.

For more VR hilarity, follow the JASH channel on AltspaceVR so you can stay in the loop with upcoming shows and events:https://account.altvr.com/channels/jash


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