Join us in AltspaceVR’s new House Party space—have a backyard BBQ, listen to music, and toss a frisbee with friendly people in virtual reality.

House Party is a new activity optimized for chilling-out or dancing-your-heart-out in virtual reality. Modeled after a suburban Los Angeles home, our newest activity is built for hanging out and meeting new people. This sunny, mid-century modern house is complete with a swimming pool, Frisbees to toss around with friends, a grill to cook up intractable burgers, and pizza for all. Yes, you asked for ‘za and we delivered.

Introducing: the radio app

One of the most exciting things we’re introducing with this new space is a radio app. Now you can choose an on-demand playlist for your activity and get the party started. Click the play icon next to the home button and choose between Pop, EDM, Rap, Country, Jazz and Oldies.

Create an activity or host an event

Activities are a quick and easy ways to get your friends, old and new, together in virtual reality. Enter AltspaceVR and open your home menu and choose “Start Activity” and choose House Party. You can make the activity friends-only or open to all the good people of AltspaceVR. To make an event go to and create your own event. Share that URL with your friends to get everyone in the same space. If your friends have an android phone, they can join you in AltspaceVR in Mobile View.

Why throw a party in AltspaceVR?

Whether you just put your kids to bed or you live somewhere far away, you can always find a party in AltspaceVR. Meet people from around the world and share stories that you’ll never forget.

Download the AltspaceVR Android app so you can explore AltspaceVR on your phone screen in 2D mode using Mobile View. See which of your friends are online and join them wherever they are.

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