Hi Altspacers – I hope this note finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some important changes we are making to AltspaceVR

This is an exciting time for all of us who care deeply about the future of collaborative computing and the metaverse. Whether you are someone like me who works in the space, someone who is passionate about the potential of MR/AR/VR, or someone who frequently uses AltspaceVR to attend events with a community of like-minded individuals – these technologies are bringing all of us together in ways that are truly inspiring.  

As platforms like AltspaceVR evolve, it is important that we look at existing experiences and evaluate whether they’re adequately serving the needs of customers today and in the future. This includes helping people better connect with those who have shared common interests while also ensuring the spaces they access are safe from inappropriate behavior and harassment.  

To improve safety and continue our mission to make AltspaceVR a leading, event-based community space, we are announcing the following changes rolling out today:  

  • AltspaceVR hosted social hubs including the Campfire, News and Entertainment Commons will be removed 
  • Existing Safety Bubble will now be turned on by default 
  • New attendees joining Events will be automatically muted 

In addition to these immediate changes, in the coming weeks we will improve content rating for Events and increase moderation on the platform. We will also require all users to log-in to AltspaceVR using a Microsoft Account.  Just as we do for Xbox, Windows, and other Microsoft services, we will integrate MSA accounts with Microsoft Family Safety, allowing parents to approve or limit access to AltspaceVR for 13+ family members who download AltspaceVR from the Microsoft Store. We will communicate the exact timing and how parents can implement these changes in the months ahead.   

As we continue to develop and innovate on products like AltspaceVR, – which is a building block for the future of the metaverse – safety within the environment must be part of the foundation. It is our commitment to the community, from those who have been along on the journey from Day One, to those we are welcoming today, to create platforms and experiences you can trust. Everyone should always feel safe in experiences like AltspaceVR, experiences that will make the metaverse a reality. We have a responsibility to establish guardrails and we look forward to sharing more as we continue this journey with you. 

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