MACH, NBC News’ new digital vertical focused on innovation and technology, is bringing a new talk show to AltspaceVR this summer starting with special guest, Seth Shostak, renowned alien hunter and Senior Astronomer at the SETI Institute. MACH’s coverage focuses on the future with stories about space, innovative technologies, scientific breakthroughs and more content that celebrates human achievement and looks to the future. One of MACH’s missions is to tell these stories of innovation in new and exciting ways. NBC News’ partnership with AltspaceVR will help bring some of these stories to life in virtual reality in a new event series — MACH in VR.

Hosted by MACH Editorial Director David Freeman, this brand new series starts off by asking the age old question, “Are We Alone?” The episodes—which will take place throughout the summer— will ask the audience to ponder big questions and stretch their imaginations just a little bit farther through MACH.

AltspaceVR is rewriting the rules for live events thanks to the endless possibilities of virtual reality. Imagine attending a talk on space while in a 360 video of the solar system. Or being able to walk up to Saturn and meet the universe face to face. All of that and more will be explored in AltspaceVR in this groundbreaking new series.

Want to join the fun?

Anyone can attend these events for free via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream by Google, or without a VR headset (in 2D mode using Mobile View on our Android app, or in desktop mode on PC and Mac). Be sure to subscribe to the NBC News channel page in AltspaceVR to join these events and get notified when new episodes are added.

We can’t wait to nerd out with you!

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