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As with any online community, VRChat has developed its own unique slang and jargon that can be confusing to new users. In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used words on VRChat.

Here are 20 slangs you will hear in VRChat.

  1. Avi – Short for “avatar,” which is the 3D character that represents the user in the virtual world.
  2. Fallback – A backup avatar that a user can quickly switch to if their current avatar is causing performance issues or glitches.
  3. World – The virtual environment that users can explore and interact in.
  4. Instance – A specific version of a world that can hold a limited number of users. When an instance reaches its capacity, another instance is created.
  5. Locomotion – The way a user moves around in VRChat, such as walking, running, or teleporting.
  6. Emote – A gesture or animation that a user’s avatar can perform, such as waving, dancing, or clapping.
  7. Social – A gathering place where users can interact and socialize with each other.
  8. Public – A world or instance that is open to all users and does not require an invitation to join.
  9. Private – A world or instance that is invite-only and requires permission from the creator to enter.
  10. Invite – The process of inviting someone to a private world or instance.
  11. Lag – A delay or slow response time caused by high server load or a slow internet connection.
  12. Crash – When the VRChat application unexpectedly closes, usually due to a bug or performance issue.
  13. Spawn – The act of appearing in a new world or instance.
  14. Quest – A VR headset created by Oculus that is often used to play VRChat.
  15. Desktop – Playing VRChat on a computer without a VR headset.
  16. Mute – The act of disabling someone’s audio or voice chat.
  17. Block – The act of preventing someone from contacting or interacting with you in VRChat.
  18. AFK – Short for “away from keyboard,” which means the user is temporarily unavailable or inactive.
  19. VRoid – A software tool used to create custom avatars for use in VRChat.
  20. SDK – The Software Development Kit used to create and modify custom worlds and avatars in VRChat.

VRChat has developed its own unique language and terminology, which can be overwhelming for new users. However, with a little practice and experience, users can quickly become familiar with the common words and phrases used on the platform. By understanding this language, users can better navigate the virtual world and communicate effectively with other users.

Phia’s guide to VRChat slang words

Phia goes into detail with 75 of the most common words/sayings you will hear during your time on VRChat. Some of these words are not just limited to VRChat’s ecosystem but personally “portalportalportal” just hits home compared to Altspace’s portals which had a lot less urgency attached to them with its longer timeout.