VRChat: How to add and upload avatars

Table of Contents

Credit: https://vrcmods.com/

How To Install Avatars #

  1. Install the latest Unity version
  2. Get the VRChat SDK2 (SDK3 optional)
  3. Find an avatar you want to use
  4. Login into VRChat SDK inside Unity using your VRChat account (same as ingame)
  5. Open .unitypackage file in Unity
  6. Select Unity Scene if provided in package
  7. Open Build Control Panel under VRChat SDK
  8. Click Build & Publish
  9. Fill in avatar information & Click Upload
  10. Launch VRChat and see your new Avatar!

There are plenty of video tutorials located at: https://vrcmods.com/tutorials

You can also join their Discord server: https://vrcmods.com/discord

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