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Welcome to The Tonight Show Starring Sherwin! Come check out our daily dish, amazing guest interviews, and more! Hosted by Sherwin with DJ Vaditron! Must be 18+ to enter.  

Our next guest on the Tonight Show couch is spiritual activist and medium KAT NIAMBI aka THE HUNGRY MEDIUM! Kat has been a medium her whole life and can communicate messages from those who have passed on. She shares her gift and has done readings for many people. Not only is she a medium, but she is also an incredible cook and host of her own metaverse show “World Hopping with Kat Niambi” with VRTalks. Come hear about her experiences as a medium and how her journey in the metaverse has been so far!  

Produced by: Sherwin’s Productions Sponsored by: Bigger Better Meta World by: Stovert Hosted by: Sherwin DJ: DJ Vaditron Special Guest: Kat Niambi (The Hungry Medium)