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Welcome to The Tonight Show Starring Sherwin! Come check out our daily dish, amazing guest interviews, and more! Hosted by Sherwin with DJ Vaditron! Must be 18+ to enter. 

Our next guest on the Tonight Show couch is the eCommerce manager for Run DMC and NaughtyByNature and tech enthusiast, PIXELADDIKT! Pixeladdikt has been in Altspace for less than a year, but has worked on some of the biggest projects Altspace has ever seen, including the NaughtByNature holoportation concerts here in Altspace. Pixeladdikt frequently invests in NFTs and cryptocurrency and is also one of the best when it comes to managing websites. Come out and here about his experiences inside and outside of the metaverse! 

Produced by: Sherwin’s Productions Sponsored by: Bigger Better Meta World by: Stovert Hosted by: Sherwin DJ: DJ Vaditron Special Guest: Pixeladdikt