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What is Udon?

VRChat Udon is a programming language developed exclusively by the VRChat Development Team. It’s crafted with the goals of security, performance, and user-friendliness. The cornerstone of Udon’s accessibility is the VRChat Udon Node Graph. This is a visual programming interface within VRChat that employs nodes and wires – whimsically referred to as “noodles” – to build connections for flow, inputs, and outputs. These visual elements make it simpler to construct complex behaviors, offering a more straightforward approach than the cumbersome combination of Triggers and Actions.

The capabilities of Udon go beyond just replicating the functionalities of Triggers and Actions. With Udon, you can:

  • Create Custom Behaviors: Design unique functions and interactions tailored to your VR environment.
  • Sync Variables: Share and synchronize data among various elements within your VR space.
  • Interact with Scenes and Players: Build dynamic interactions within your virtual world, enhancing the user experience.

A significant advantage of Udon is its compatibility. It operates seamlessly within both the VRChat client and the Unity Editor. This dual-environment functionality is crucial, as it allows you to test and debug your creations efficiently, ensuring a smooth development process.