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If you thought our customization tools were already incredible, it’s the dawn of a new era. Our Creator Toolkit enables creators to build with the world’s most popular game engine and publish straight from Unity to a live multiplayer experience on web, mobile & VR within seconds.

Using the power of Unity, Spatial.io spaces are leveling up with:
✅ Next-level graphics using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) – the feeling of a AAA game, right in your browser, mobile or VR headset
✅ Interactive elements + triggers – make your spaces more fun and interactive; build mini-games, quests, and more!
✅ Real-time lighting and shadows – bring a new level of realism to your spaces.
✅ Animated Textures & custom shaders – allow your experiences to come alive.

and more!

Spaces appearing in the video:
-S0FTSPACE001 by Bl0ckstone: http://vrdesign.house/
-Bubble Park by DaeWha Kang Design: https://www.spatial.io/s/Bubble-Park-638dbb9a6735020001e64863?share=7885424121725821879
-Fantasy Island by Everyrealm – Coming Soon!
-Gen Z Universe by DaeWha Kang Design: https://www.spatial.io/s/Gen-Z-Universe-6392247146047f00017015ef?share=8883184799697695163
-Eye of the Storm by UnknownElementX: https://www.spatial.io/s/UEX-EyeOfTheStorm-6233f287b4b8ab0001af77bf?share=2355057690332167460
-Football Stadium by Butt-On Thailand – Coming Soon!
-Exclusible Yacht by Polycount.io – Coming Soon!

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