Our mission has been to archive all the amazing groups, worlds, talent and channels in altspace before we’re cast out as digital nomad, wandering the metaverse for a new home.

And today we have the grand finale. On the eve of Altspace’s sunset, we are talking with the most accomplished panel of altspace illuminati perhaps ever assembled… We’ll talk about where we’ve been, what Altspace meant to us, and where we’re headed.

We also premiered our Altspace Tribute video at this event. The link to that video is here— https://youtu.be/-GLiqawTLmY

We here at Simulation Nation recorded over 140 episodes that we will continue to share on youtube as a record, like digital hiereoglyphs carved on the walls of the metaverse, that testify to that fact that the altspace community was here, and that we were doing extraordinary, eccentric and beautiful things, we were inspiring each other to be innovative, to be active and engaged, and we were striving to create a better reality.

This is what Altspace meant to us, and we hope it resonates with you as well..

To keep in touch with all the people on this panel, please use the contact info below:

BRCvr – BRCvr.org.
Failed To Render Comedy Club— Discord.gg/failedtorender
Cause and Christi- https://causechristi.com
Shushu – https://vrium.io
Celeste Lear- https://www.boutiqueelectroniquemusic.com/

In-World Camera op/multi-cam switcher Rick Tuazon [email protected]
In-World Camera op Futurosity https://www.instagram.com/futurosityvr/
In-World Camera op Hiro Protagonist- https://www.instagram.com/hiroprotagonist360/

Simulation Nation is a Worldcast transmitting from the Earth iE2 dimension. Hosted by Johnny Android with his cyberpunk mod Futurosity in AltspaceVR, they interview leading VR professionals, review VR games and movies, and host otherworldly events— all live from the metaverse.  
Their mission is to save our dimension from the dystopic fate that befell theirs, and embedded within their episodes are the keys to our survival. They suggest you subscribe to all of their channels as though your existence depended on it—
ALTSPACE CHANNEL – https://account.altvr.com/channels/1488136329421127880
SPOTIFY – https://open.spotify.com/show/3hAzKpikTB1CqiT1MzeIZn
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FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/thesimulationnation

JOHNNY ANDROID: https://twitter.com/simnationvr
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/johnny.android/
FUTUROSITY: https://www.instagram.com/futurosityvr/
HIRO PROTAGONIST: https://www.instagram.com/hiroprotagonist360/

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