Dev Updates:
World: Astral Bounds by Vectriel

We’re trying something new! Here are the Video Patch Notes for 2023.1.1.

Since many people don’t like reading patch notes, we thought we’d try video! Simply put, these are quick-to-watch, quick-to-make videos about VRChat releases and what they include.

Some might be long, and some might be short. It all depends on how much we squeeze into each update!

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0:00 Introduction
0:46 Feature: Multi-Layer Camera
1:23 Feature: Grab-to-Adjust Full Body Calibration
1:51 Feature: Improved Audio Controls
2:21 Improvement: User and World Search Refinement
3:06 Improvement: Quest Finger Tracking
4:28 Improvements: Other Stuff!
5:16 Bugfixes
6:23 Addressing Feedback on Groups
6:50 Conclusion