Dev Updates:
World: The Grand Fyjord by Qyr

Here are the Video Patch Notes for #vrchat 2023.1.2!

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0:00 Introduction
0:24 Improvement: Avatar Texture Memory Performance Rank
2:28 Improvement: Improved Portal Behavior
3:28 Improvement: Cozy Earmuffs Mode
4:03 Improvement: Nameplate Tweaks
4:39 Improvement: Avatar “Hide by Distance” Visual Indicators and Toggle
5:00 Improvement: Action Menu Opacity and Size Sliders
5:17 Improvement: Constraints listed in Avatar Perf Stats
5:47 Improvement: Better Loading Time for Udon-Heavy Worlds
5:55 Improvement: Stream Camera Pictures
6:11 Improvement: VelocityMagnitude Avatar Parameter
6:30 Bugfixes!
7:44 Conclusion