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Live – 14 March 2024 – Build 1407

Fixes & Improvements

  • Enforce a stricter timeout for suspended users
    • This occurs when you take your headset off on Quest, Pico, or XR Elite devices, or minimize the VRChat app on your Android phone.
    • The timeout is 3 minutes for non-master players, and 1 minute for the network master. We might adjust these limits at any point, so do not rely on these numbers in scripts!
  • Network master selection can now happen more intelligently.
    • Previously, the oldest player in an instance would always be the network master.
    • Now, when the current master player leaves, the next one is chosen based on a variety of factors like platform, network conditions, and time spent in the instance.
    • Once a player is master, they will still remain it until they leave the instance (or are timed out/kicked), and the first player to load into an instance will also still be guaranteed to become master.
    • Our documentation has been updated accordingly.
  • Safety and Security updates

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