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Nationites! As many of you know, Burning Man was relocated to virtual reality this year in Altspace. There were over 150 worlds that were built around virtual Black Rock City, and on this episode we have a very special guest who created some of the those worlds, and helped with many others. You’re not going to want to miss our interview with Worldbuilder Cause about how he does what he does..

Then, we teleported to Cause’s Burning Man inspired night club that was literally out of this world— a flying saucer on the edge of a massive reality-bending wormhole, where we heard a live set from DJ Oni. Unfortunately, you just had to be there, and due to the extreme reality-bending nature of that event, it was not recorded. Luckily, though, Cause walks us through his process of building his wormhole, so take a look!

Here is the trailer for Cause’s Flying Saucer space—

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