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Welcome to The Tonight Show Starring Sherwin! Come check out our daily dish, amazing guest interviews, and more! Hosted by Sherwin with DJ Vaditron! Must be 18+ to enter. 

Our next guest on the Tonight Show couch is the biggest and most iconic world builder in Altspace, the legendary ARTSY! Artsy is trailblazer in the world building scene and has created some of the most phenomenal worlds. With over 150 Patreons, Artsy continues to deliver excellence every month to users across Altspace, as well as high-profile clients such as Naughty By Nature, NFT Oasis, & others. Artsy shares her love for 3D modeling by mentoring new builders, while also giving back to her community in many different ways. Her work never goes unnoticed and she has cemented herself as one of the best. Come hear about her work in the metaverse and beyond! 

Produced by: Sherwin’s Productions Sponsored by: Bigger Better Meta World by: Stovert Hosted by: Sherwin DJ: DJ Vaditron Special Guest: Artsy