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Groups are collected from the AltspaceVR community or submitted to VR Creators.

VRChat Groups are subject to their own rules and regulations by the group creator and not by VR and we do not endorse any of these groups.

VRChat Group NameJoin Link
Black Metaverse Collective
Universe World Builders
Freestyle Power Hour
Skits’N’Bits Improv
Altspace Community Group
Sherwin’s Productions
LS Media
Together with TRIPP
Ancients of VRChat
Black Market
Comedy Karaoke
Doppelgangers of Altspace
Light Dimension
Sci Tech Chat in Social VR
VenusSX Empire of Love

More Groups

Search for more VRC groups and communities to join on (not affiliated) and discover more hangouts and events to join on VRChat.

How to create a VRChat Group

You are required to have an active VRChat+ in order to create a group. If you cancel your subscription your groups will remain.

To start; log in to the VRChat website and from the sidebar menu go to the page ‘Groups’ and select the ‘Create Group’ button in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: (Optional but recommended) Upload group banners and profile picture.

Why create a VRChat group?

Creating a VRChat Group comes with some perks. Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to create a VRChat Group:

  1. Exclusive Instances: Creating a VRChat Group allows you to create instances that are exclusive to group members only. This feature, known as ‘group+’ allows not only group members but also the friends of those who are in the group to join the instance. This way, you can ensure a friendly and familiar environment for everyone, enhancing the overall VR experience.
  2. Moderation: With the ability to add group moderators, you can maintain a positive and respectful environment in your instances. Group moderators can help moderate the instance, manage group members, and ensure that everyone is adhering to the group’s rules and guidelines. This helps in creating a safe and enjoyable space for all members.
  3. Group Announcements: The ability to send group announcements out to people’s VRChat notifications is a powerful tool for communication. Whether you are announcing an upcoming event, sharing important news, or just sending out a friendly reminder, group announcements ensure that your message reaches all group members directly and promptly.

Creating a VRChat Group empowers you as a VR Creator to build and manage your own virtual community. It gives you the control to customize your virtual space, manage your community, and communicate effectively with your group members.

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