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The Meta Avatars SDK is now available to all Unity developers on Quest, Rift, and Windows-based VR platforms. Any App Lab or Store developer can start integrating Meta Avatars here.

Using the Meta Avatars SDK, developers can create user-created avatars to improve social presence and enhance VR immersion. Avatars are modularized full-bodied torsos that allow users the flexibility to create their own unique identity persistent across the Oculus ecosystem. By using the SDK while leveraging the advanced body tracking, realistic Avatar poses can be extrapolated from the Oculus headset and Touch controllers to provide users a sense of self in a VR world. In the future, Meta Avatars will be more compatible with other VR platforms so you can take your ‘identity’ from network to network. However, this will be dependent on platforms taking the SDK onboard and supporting it.

Downloading Meta Avatars SDK


Before configuring your Unity project to use Avatars, you must create a new project in a compatible version of Unity:

Once these prerequisites have been met, you can configure your new project to support Meta Avatars.

Configuring Your Project

To configure your project to use Meta Avatars:

  1. Import the Oculus Integration package.
  2. Enable VR support from the Oculus XR plug-in.
  3. Change the color space from gamma to linear.
  4. To test your project, play the Oculus/Avatar2/Example/Scenes/MirrorScene.unity scene.

Changing Color Space from Gamma to Linear

Linear color space will achieve a higher quality look for Avatars. Additionally, Unity’s gamma color space setting is not compatible with OpenXR and is likely to be unsupported in future versions.

Using Gamma Color Space

If you wish to use gamma color space, you may need to switch back to using legacy VRAPI. For more information, go to Switch Between OpenXR and Legacy VRAPI.

To change color space from gamma to linear:

  1. In Unity, choose Edit > Project Settings….
  2. Select the Player settings.
  3. Choose Other Settings.
  4. Finally, select Linear from the Color Space dropdown.

Import the Meta Avatars SDK Unity Package

  1. Download the Meta Avatars SDK from the Downloads page.
  2. In Unity, choose Asset > Import Package > Import Custom Package….
  3. Select and import MetaAvatarsSDK.unitypackage.