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Fixes & Improvements

  • Chat: Added option for room admins to delete others’ messages 
  • Fixed: Sticky note no longer flies towards user’s face when selecting Dictate option 
  • Fixed: Dark shared screen and pdf on Quest 
  • Avatar
    • Fixed: Realistic head on an avatar does not receive light, shadows and fog properly 
  • Camera
    • The filming camera gizmo now shows who the user is
    • Fixed: you can enter cinema mode even if it’s disabled 
    • Fixed: cinema mode doesn’t look at art pieces occasionally 
    • Fixed: Filming camera gizmo doesn’t track where the user is recording from 


Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved and simplified AR mode: AR mode camera is now placed where the avatar is in the space 
  • Camera
    • Fixed: Avatar doesn’t always face the direction of the camera when not in selfie-mode
    • Fixed: Avatar and camera doesn’t face the direction the entrance point was set to 
    • Fixed: Camera orbit controls are inverted
    • Fixed: All Unity Package environments are slightly offset by 3meters. Users on other platforms don’t see mobile users in the expected position
  • Unity Package Environments
    • Fixed: Environment loads twice to multiple times in spaces that have Unity package environments
    • Empty Frames will spawn locked by default



  • WEB Chat
  • WEB Reactions (Emojis and Animations / Emotes)
  • WEB Users who join a space without an account can now select from a list of preset avatars 
  • WEB Users can now search their files in the recent tab of content menu
  • Spatial Creator Toolkit Beta

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved camera behavior throughout the app
  • Fixed: Sitting animation for female avatars
  • MOBILE App will now only asks for microphone permissions when user first unmutes
  • WEB Fixed: Bug where data from the info panel would get copied from one object to another


Fixes & Improvements

  • WEB Screenshare no longer opens full screen when user joins the space
  • HMD Fixed: Users on quest can change environment and spawn templates even if they don’t have write permission in the space
  • Fixed: realtime shadow artifacts from high shadow biases
  • WEB Improved splash screen when attempting to join a space from mobile web browser


Fixes & Improvements 

  • Fixed: VR can’t edit room name from participant list.  
  • Fixed: Users on Quest can no longer mute/unmute people if admin doesn’t allow it. 
  • Fixed: guest users being able to follow others.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Reduced the seat hotspot collider size for seats inside custom environments; This used to be 1 meter
  • Fixed: Avatar spawns in sitting pose in spaces that don’t have a specified entrance point 
  • WEB Fixed: Rare bug where user cannot sign in on Safari 16.1+ 
  • WEB Fixed: UI moves when opening any modal


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed: Reflective materials are more pronounced after the render pipeline upgrade
  • Fixed: 3D models not playing delete animation
  • Fixed: Unable to select or delete 3D models from a space if they failed to load


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed: Visual changes on backfaces of alpha-blend objects caused by 6.42 update
  • WEB Improved caching of space thumbnails and overall load time of the homepage
  • WEB Fixes issue where users on iOS 16.1 sometimes wouldn’t be able to sign in
  • HMD Fixed: Room thumbnail fails to load when creating a portal with new room


Fixes & Improvements

  • WEB Faster space load times  
  • WEB Fixed: Anyone can mute other participants in a space without the host’s permission 
  • WEB Fixed: Creating a space on web creates an extra duplicate space  
  • WEB Fixed: When switching tabs into spatial, the webcams feed is briefly visible full screen  
  • MOBILE Improved UX when creating a space from the mobile app; App now shows loading screen while space is being created  
  • MOBILE Fixed: Application crashes when using speech captions  
  • Fixed: Some empty frames were not able to be edited in the Obsidian environment

Backend Upgrade

Major upgrade of our Rendering Engine which enables * future * graphics quality and performance improvements.